From Web Developer to Hybrid App Developer

Greg Avola, Untappd

You or your company have a great idea for an app—and now you need to build it. So, what architecture do you use to support iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and future operating systems? How can you deal with all these platforms and still re-use your skills as web developer? The answer is a hybrid app, which allows developers to use part native code and part web code to create cross-platform apps. Greg Avola, a web developer who built a cross-platform app called Untappd, describes his experiences, demonstrates the tools he employed, shares lessons learned, and discusses the best practices he uses today. Learn how to take your mobile web application and turn it into native smartphone and tablet apps. Save time and resources while avoiding the extra effort of developing a feature for iOS and then having to write the same code for Android, Windows Phone, etc.

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