Virtual Retrospectives for Distributed Software Teams

John Terzakis, Intel Corporation

Project retrospectives are challenging enough when the software development team and stakeholders are together in one location. What happens when the team members are spread across multiple locations, time zones, and continents? John Terzakis describes the key challenges of retrospectives for geographically dispersed software teams and provides solutions he has used to address each challenge. Beginning with a brief overview of the retrospective process, John introduces the concept of a “virtual retrospective” and offers techniques and tips for successfully facilitating them. He identifies cultural, geographical, and site-based issues and risks that can imperil virtual retrospectives and demonstrates collaboration tools to overcome distance barriers. Find out how to conduct retrospective exercises, including a valuable project timeline exercise, when participants are not co-located. Learn to identify and mitigate potential risks, plan the logistics, and then facilitate your first virtual retrospective.

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