Using Mind Maps to Document Exploratory Testing

Samuli Lahnamäki, Tieto-X

Mind maps were developed in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan as a way of helping students take notes using only key words and images. Mind maps are quick to record and because of their visual approach, much easier to remember and review. Samuli Lahnamäki describes how mind mapping can be used as a
logging tool for exploratory testing and what information can be later derived from the testing maps. A pair of testers, one performing exploratory testing while the other records their journey with a mind map, is an effective documentation style. One concern with exploratory testing has always been its lack of a testing trail. Mind maps provide the documentation that can be converted to a formal test script if required.

  • Discover how mind maps can be an effective documentation tool in exploratory testing
  • Convert mind maps to testing scripts
  • Explore the mind mapping technique

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