TPI Test Process Improvement Model Facts and Figures

Ruud Teunissen, POLTEQ IT Services BV

Since the publication of the test process improvement (TPI®) model in the 1990s, many organizations have used it to help establish and improve their test processes. By doing so, they have tested the hypothesis that improving test processes results in better insight into system
quality and a more repeatable and efficient test process. Over the past five years, Ruud Teunissen and his consultant colleagues have gathered many facts and figures about the results of test process improvement initiatives. Learn the details of what other companies have achieved from test process improvement using the model, including examples of a 50 percent reduction of live incidents caused by inaccurate testing and a 40 percent reduction of long-term testing costs. Build a case for process improvement, discover what the TPI® model can do for you, and find out how to manage expectations should you embrace the model.

  • A case for test process improvement
  • Examples of the TPI® model used for embedded, commercial, telecom systems
  • Quantifiable objectives and benefits of test process improvement

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