The Top Testing Challenges - or Opportunities - We Face Today

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

Some people thrive on challenges, while others struggle with how to deal with them. Handled well, challenges can make us stronger in our passion, drive, and determination. Lloyd Roden describes the challenges we face today in software testing and how we can respond in a positive, constructive manner. One of the challenges Lloyd often sees is identifying and eliminating metrics that lie. While we (hopefully) do not set out to deceive, we must endeavor to employ metrics that have significance, integrity, and operational value. Another challenge test leaders face is providing estimates that have clarity, accuracy, and meaning. Often we omit a vital ingredient when developing test estimates-the quality required in the product. A third challenge is convincing test managers to actually test regularly to attain credibility and respect with the team they are leading. Join Lloyd as he delivers passionate and compelling arguments for turning these and other challenges into opportunities for the test team.

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