Things That Really Matter in Testing—Today and Tomorrow

Bj Rollison

After a twenty-year career at Microsoft, Bj Rollison took some time to reflect on the software testing profession. Bj has seen many positive changes in our field through the years. Unfortunately, he also has seen too many of us still mired in trends and topics that make good fodder for debate but do very little to enhance our personal careers or the testing profession. Bj reflects on the “traditional” testing role and its evolution in the past twenty years, and shares his perspective on some hot button issues—the value of testing certifications, the impact of ISO standards on the industry, and the advance of test automation—within our profession. Additionally, Bj discusses his views on how practices such as exploratory testing, agile lifecycles, and the “schools of testing” affect our roles as software testers. Bj provides thought-provoking insights into these topics and other subjects that matter when building your career—and our profession.

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