Testing Web Applications for Security Defects

Brian Christian, SPI Dynamics Inc

Approximately three-fourths of today’s successful system security breaches are perpetrated not through network or operating system security flaws, but through
customer-facing Web applications. How can you ensure that your organization is protected from holes that let hackers invade your systems? Only by thoroughly testing your Web applications for security defects and vulnerabilities. Brian
English describes the three basic security testing approaches available to testers-source code analysis, manual penetration testing, and automated penetration testing. Brian also explains the key differences in these methods, the types of defects and vulnerabilities that each detects, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn how to get started in security testing and how to choose the best strategy for your organization.

  • Understand the basic security vulnerabilities in Web applications
  • Discover the skills needed in security testing
  • Learn who should be performing security assessments

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