Testing SOA Software: The Headless Dilemma

John Michelsen, iTKO, Inc.

Once we were able to ensure quality with some degree of certainty by testing our applications through their user interfaces. As SOA systems based on Web services proliferate, testing through the GUI isn't going to be sufficient. SOA systems are assembled from components, "headless" chunks of encapsulated business functionality. If we are building the components themselves, we will want to test their functionality and their interfaces. We will want to ensure their proper behavior no matter what application uses them and no matter how unruly it is. If we are building SOA applications from components, we will want to test our applications in their entirety. But remember, our applications may not have GUI interfaces. Join John Michelsen as he shares what you'll need to know to effectively test SOA applications.

  • Learn how services-based software changes the game for software testers
  • Discover the testing methods and skills you will need in the SOA world
  • Consider the types of systems you will be expected to test

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