Testing for Global Customers

Bj Rollison, Microsoft Corporation

More and more organizations are creating applications that are used around the globe. These applications must be customized for various national conventions including time, date, number, and currency formats. In addition, these applications must process data from non-English keyboards in languages such as Russian, Japanese, Hindi, and Arabic. Additional complications include string processing, sorting, and sequencing; character conversion; and bi-directional language support for Middle Eastern languages. Bj Rollison shows how an English-language Windows platform can be used to perform globalization testing without testers having knowledge of non-English languages. Bj shows how to select and use non-English character strings as test data. In addition, Bj provides examples of typical bugs found during globalization testing, methods to detect them, and techniques to generate automated tests using foreign character sets.

  • Explore the basics of globalization testing
  • Learn the value of early globalization testing
  • Discover how to identify common globalization defects

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