Testing Digital Interfaces: Chatbots, Home Assistants, Touch ID, Facial Recognition, and More

Amir Rozenberg

It seems almost everyday we see a product announced with a clever, new digital interface—and the rush has only just begun. From chatbots and motion sensors to facial recognition and voice integrations, these digital interfaces have a complex software side. Amir Rozenberg discusses the challenges we face now and explores a more challenging future to come for testers and testing. With concrete examples from the market, he offers new approaches for you to embed quality and test activities into the development cycle to tame the digital interface beast. With Amir, you’ll look at ways to test cloud-enabled digital interfaces, device-level diversified flows that leverage onboard sensors, and much more. With a good strategy and the best tools available, current digital interface innovations now—and those coming soon—will cause less disruption in your agile and DevOps pipeline flow and provide improved user experiences.

About the Presenter

At Perfecto  Amir Rozenberg is the director of product management, responsible for core product strategy. Amir has pioneered mobile quality practices to extend the service across the application lifecycle. He has extensive experience in the digital industry with expertise in areas of application development, testing, delivery, and monitoring. Previously, Amir led the mobile monitoring practice at Gomez/Compuware. Prior to Compuware he led the founding of Adva Mobile, a direct-to-fan mobile marketing startup, and held various leadership positions at Groove Mobile, Nextcode Corp., and others. Find Amir on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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