Test Management for Very Large Programs: A Survival Kit

Graham Thomas, Independent Consultant

In large organizations with multiple, simultaneous, and related projects, how do you coordinate testing efforts for better utilization and higher quality? Some organizations have opened Program Test Management offices to oversee the multiple streams of testing projects and activities, each with its own test manager. Should the Program Test Manager be an über-manager in control of everything, or is this office more of an aggregation and reporting function? Graham Thomas examines the spectrum of possible duties and powers of this position. He also shares the critical factors for successful program test management, including oversight of the testing products and deliverables; matrix management of test managers; stakeholder, milestone, resource, and dependency management; and the softer but vital skills of influence and negotiation with very senior managers. Relating experience gained on several large testing programs, Graham shares a practical model-covering the key test management areas of organization, people, process, tools, and metrics-that your organization can adapt for its needs.

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