Test Design Techniques in Exploratory Testing

Gitte Ottosen, Sogeti Denmark

Not all testers are lucky enough to get a good foundation for their testing—detailed requirements and system specifications. That, combined with the harsh reality of not having enough time, presents a challenge for the tester—How do I test to such an extent that I will be able to identify defects as early as possible and properly inform stakeholders about the quality of the product? Gitte Ottosen shares the approach she uses in agile projects—using a mind map to identify the structure of the system and its major workflows, and applying classic test design techniques and her experience to work in exploratory testing sessions. The result is documented as test notes, classification trees, process flow diagrams, defect reports, etc. Learn how a structured approach—using test design techniques in an exploratory approach—can help integrate continuous test into the agile lifecycle and ensure that the resulting system is fit for use.

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