Test Automation Techniques for Dynamic and Data Intensive Systems

Chris Condron, The Hanover Insurance Group

If you think you're doing everything right with test automation but it just won't scale, join the crowd. If the amount of data you're managing and the dynamic changes in applications and workflows keep you in constant maintenance mode, this is the session for you. Encountering these problems, Chris Condron's group reviewed their existing automation successes and pain points. Based on this analysis, they created a tool agnostic architecture and automation process that allowed them to scale up their automation to include many more tests. By aligning their test scripts with the business processes, his team developed a single test case model they use for both manual and automated tests. They developed a test data management system incorporating storage of and a review process for three types of test data: scenarios, screen mappings, and references. Their new test scripts contain only the application flow information and reference the test data system for the input values. Join Chris and find out how you can enjoy the same success.

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