The Survival Guide for Testers and Test Managers

Bart Knaack

As we face new technologies, methodologies, and approaches, the roles and responsibilities of testers are evolving. To stay current, the test professional’s skill set must increase. Due to agile, the strict separation of developer and tester roles is fading. Teams, rather than just testers, are now responsible for quality. Emerging technologies—continuous integration, mobile, the Internet of Things, and cloud—are drastically changing testing. Formerly seen as the least technical IT activity, testing today is one of the most technically challenging. Bart Knaack describes the new skills testers need to develop for properly testing mobile apps and applications in the cloud. Bart examines the changing role of test management and draws conclusions on how to organize teams and departments for maximum productivity and value to the business. Because testing is changing under our feet, we all must grow and adapt to survive and thrive in this brave new world of testing.

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