Successful Process Improvement - The Agile Way

Nelson Perez, Sierra's Edge, Inc.

Using agile techniques to develop and implement new processes-whether for use in agile environments or not-will increase stakeholder involvement and buy-in, lower cultural resistance, reduce process development cycle time, and encourage continuous process improvement. Join Nelson Perez as he explains how to translate the core principles of the Agile Manifesto into a context that you can apply to any process development and improvement program. Use the Agile Manifesto values and principles to speed up your process improvement initiatives and ensure its success. Based on his experience in a company with a highly resistive culture, Nelson realized that process improvement approaches must be tailored to each situation-what works consistently in one organizational culture may not be useful in another culture down the street, across town, or in another country. The agile paradigm works in process improvement programs because it is a universal approach for encouraging adaptive change. Learn new ways to encourage continuous process improvement and build stronger teams within your development group and throughout the enterprise.

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