Succeeding as an Ethnic or Minority Tester

Yousef Harfi, Medavie Blue Cross

No one wishes to see himself as different or treat other people differently because of his uniqueness. Unfortunately, we are frequently judged and our skills presumed based on our ethnicity, beliefs, politics, appearance, lifestyle, gender, or sexual orientation. Our professional success and our projects’ success can be derailed because of lack of understanding, stereotyping, or fear. Our professional environment includes us all―brown, black, white, tall, short, male, female, straight, gay, extroverts, and introverts. A team’s strength is built on diversity of knowledge and skills, and our differences should be celebrated while managing the realities of human relations. Yousef Harfi shares his unique experiences, tips, and stories―some hilarious―that are certain to entertain, tickle your thoughts, challenge your knowledge, and provoke some self examination. Let’s share, laugh, learn, and build.

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