Software Test Automation Spring 2003: Mission Made Possible: A Lightweight Test Automation Experience

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.

Using a challenging client engagement as a case study, Rex Black shows you how he and a team of test engineers created an integrated, automated unit, component, and integration testing harness, and a lightweight process for using it. The test harness supported both static and dynamic testing of a product that ran on multiple platforms. The test process allowed system development teams spread across three continents to test their own units before checking them into the code repository, while the capture of the tests provided automated integration testing and component regression going forward. He'll also explain the tools available to build such a testing harness and why his team chose the ones they did.

  • Examine the benefits-and challenges-of implementing an integrated, automated component and integration testing process in a Java/EJB development environment
  • Learn how to design and create a fully integrated JUnit/JTest/Ant testing harness
  • Discover an easy, lightweight unit, component, and integration testing process that developers can apply using the harness

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