The Soft Skills of Great Software Developers

Raul Suarez

Are you creating clean, high performing code? Are you following the right development practices, but still don’t feel you are getting the recognition or success you deserve? The truth is that working harder and improving your programming skills are not enough. Great developers must demonstrate the human skills—developer practices—necessary to have a strong impact on their organizations. Through conversation and examples, Raul Suarez focuses on behaviors that can help you reach your full potential. He discusses ways to optimize communication, provide and handle feedback, adapt to change, navigate politics, use your time effectively, and raise your profile. Don't remain stuck in your career, waiting for someone to notice you. Take control! Reach out for mentorship and give your career a boost by demonstrating the attitude and behaviors of successful professionals. There will be time to address your specific concerns, challenges, and frustrations—so bring your questions. Development practices help you create good software; developer practices help you build a successful career.

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