SOA and Web Services Testing Involve the Whole Team

John Michelsen, iTKO, Inc.

Serious enterprise application development is moving to Service Oriented Architectures as companies try to leverage existing applications while meeting new customer demands. Even as the ability to connect Web sites dynamically adds significant new levels of business functionality, it opens up a new point of failure with each connection. Code coverage is becoming far less important than the ability to test every component of your J2EE stack in the same environment as it will be deployed in production. John Michelsen shares the current trends in SOA testing, including unit testing with JUnit, test-driven Development (XP, TDD methods), test script automation, load testing, continuous testing, and much more. Learn about the pitfalls in testing SOA systems and why some companies wrongly give up on even trying.

  • Trends in testing SOA and Web service enabled applications
  • Methods for test-enabling the composite layers that make up SOA application
  • Customer examples (eCommerce, Aerospace/Defense, Software ISV) of SOA applications

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