Smoke Tests to Signal Test Readiness

Aditya Dada, Sun Microsystems Inc

Plumbers use "smoke tests" to find leaks in pipes when it is impractical to completely seal a plumbing system. We use this term as a metaphor to define a small set of software tests designed to expose big problems instead of committing the resources to run a large suite of tests. Building a powerful smoke test suite is not trivial and not intuitive, requiring an understanding of the product, the test base, and test automation techniques. Join Aditya Dada to learn the attributes of a high quality smoke test suite and what it takes to build and, most importantly, maintain a small set of effective smoke tests. Improve nightly builds, speed up pre-integration testing, and catch huge defects quickly and efficiently with a new smoke test strategy for your software under test.

  • Benefits and attributes of smoke tests
  • How to manage a smoke test suite with minimum effort
  • Real world examples of smoke tests

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