Shave Mobile Development Time and Cost with Xamarin

Dave Todaro

By shaving time and cost to build and maintain your app by half, Xamarin—a free, open source framework offered by Microsoft—can revolutionize your mobile application development. Most app development approaches result in building the app twice—once for iOS and once for Android—or producing a sluggish app that has an inconsistent HTML-driven user interface. Xamarin lets you write C# code that’s compiled for each operating system to leverage each platform’s native UI, API access, and performance. Create an app that feels and performs like it was custom-built for that device, while sharing 90% or more of the code across platforms. Since Xamarin apps are built in Visual Studio, they leverage all the power of .NET development including generics, async/await, unit testing, ReSharper, and more. Software development expert Dave Todaro explains the ins and outs of Xamarin development and shows you how easy it is to “build it once,” leveraging your existing .NET skills, teams, tools, and code.

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