Scrum vs. Kanban: It's Not Necessarily All of One or the Other

Season Tanner, State Farm Insurance Companies

Have your Scrum development teams discovered that grooming some features only one sprint ahead is too late? Have your product owners ever asked you to implement a set of features within a month and continue to implement additional features on a periodic basis? As you manage a product and its releases, you must address these and other timing issues to reduce or eliminate rework, maintain a steady pace of delivery, and consistently produce business value. Sharing experiences managing a large and complex product within State Farm’s vast IT organization, Season Tanner describes the successes and issues they encountered using Scrum and Kanban together. Learn about the Kanban process they implemented and tuned to work while retaining some Scrum practices. Find out what ultimately worked best and how they execute that process today. Leave with ideas about how to implement product management, what kind of obstacles and benefits to anticipate, and which approaches could work best in your organization.

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