A Screenless Future Is Closer Than You Think

Dona Sarkar

Somewhere near you is a device with a screen. You can’t live without that device. In fact, you are reading this right now on that—or another—device. Within a few years, the screens that we so depend on today will begin to disappear. After all, we are analog creatures, and we are meant to experience the world without the confining boundaries of two-dimensional screens. What is this “screenless future,” and what tech advancements are being made right now to make it real? Dona Sarkar is experiencing first-hand this new future in her role as principal product manager at HoloLens, working to create and ship the world’s first holographic platform’s SDK. Dona discusses what she’s learned about the future while working with HoloLens at Microsoft and shares her insights and predictions about how technology as we know it will change. Find out why Dona thinks mixed reality, ambient sound, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will all play dramatic roles in our business and personal lives in the next five years—or possibly sooner.

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