Ruby And WATIR: Your New Test Automation Tools

Kalen Howell, LexisNexis

Ready to start writing your own test scripts? Not sure of what tools to use? Kalen Howell discovered Ruby, a powerful scripting language that is easy to learn. Using Ruby led Kalen to WATIR, an open source tool written in Ruby. WATIR is used to drive Web sites through Internet Explorer just as a user would. Just by following a few examples, Kalen was able to create automated test scripts in a matter of minutes. Learning more about Ruby enabled Kalen to write more robust scripts. Ruby connects to databases, writes XML, creates and reads data files, and can be used to create customized libraries. Combining the powerful features of WATIR with the robust and easy to learn language of Ruby gives the tester powerful tools for automated scripting.

  • Discover how Ruby can be used as a powerful scripting language
  • Explore how WATIR libraries can be used to effectively test your Web applications
  • Learn how Ruby and WATIR are ideal in both agile and traditional development processes

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