The Role of the Analyst in Testing

Richard Bender, Bender RBT, Inc.

Although many organizations ask their analysts to do double-duty as testers, this presents a number of challenges. Because the majority of defects have their basis in requirements errors and omissions, the authors of those requirements-the analysts-should not be the ones to design tests of their own work. However, Dick Bender believes there is a significant role that analysts, partnering with testers, can play in your projects. Using examples from a variety of industries, Dick describes how analysts can use their skills and domain knowledge to provide unique insights into the system within the testing effort. Learn how analysts and testers can partner to focus on requirements validation early in the project to move many user acceptance testing activities earlier in the project-before coding starts. Discover ways analysts can participate later in the project to assess the completeness and usability of the system under test.

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