The Road to DevOps: Data, Environment, and Test Automation

Tanya Kravtsov

DevOps promotes continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment. And anything that breaks this continuity is a potential bottleneck. In many organizations, testing becomes that bottleneck for one or all of the following reasons:  unstable test environment, lack of good test data, and manual test processes. Tanya Kravtsov explores why treating test automation as a separate entity from development often results in a DevOps failure. She explores how integrating test automation with product development—including data, environment, and results analysis—will help you succeed. According to the Theory of Constraints, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Any manual process in software testing that disrupts the continuous build, test, deploy cycle will either extend the time to market or add to technical debt due to insufficient testing. Learn to identify the bottlenecks in testing, and explore tools and techniques available to address these bottlenecks. Come away with a vision of what your ideal “future state” should look like and ideas of how to achieve the optimal DevOps state for your organization.

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