Risk-Based Testing in Practice

Erik van Veenendaal, Improve Quality Services BV

The testing community has been talking about risk-based testing for quite a while, and now most projects apply some sort of implicit risk-based testing approach. However, risk-based testing should be more than just brainstorming within the test team; it should be based on business drivers and business value. The Test team is not the risk owner-the products' stakeholders are. It is our job to inform the stakeholders about risk-based decisions and provide visibility on product risk status. Erik discusses a real-world method for applying structured risk-based testing applicable in most software projects. He describes how risk identification and analysis can be carried out in close cooperation with stakeholders Join Erik to learn how the outcome of the risk analysis can-and should-be used in test projects in terms of differentiated test approaches. Hear about his practical experiences, problems he's encountered along the way, and the results he has achieved

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