Refactoring Automated Functional Tests

Zhimin Zhan, AgileWay Pty Ltd

Regarded as one of the most important advances in software development, code refactoring is a disciplined technique to improve the design, readability, and maintainability of source code. You can learn to apply the same refactoring concepts to automated functional test scripts. Zhimin Zhan introduces functional test refactoring, a simple and highly effective approach to refine and maintain automated test scripts. Zhimin shares the approaches he uses to refactor existing tests into a set of reusable functions and page objects, and the concepts you will need to start developing new, automated tests with. Learn about the six most common test refactorings including “extract to page object,” "extract function," and "rename function.” Learn how you can develop a sustainable rhythm for refactoring your automated tests. Take back immediate applicable ideas to achieve test automation success.

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