Reduce Test Automation Execution Time by 80%

Tanay Nagjee, Electric Cloud

Software testers and quality assurance engineers are often pressured to cut testing time to ensure on-time product releases. Usually this means running fewer test cycles with the risk of worse software quality. As companies embrace a continuous integration (CI) that require frequent build and test cycles, the pressure to speed up automated testing is intense. Tanay Nagjee shows how you can cut the time to run an automated test suite by 80%—for example, from two hours to under 25 minutes. Find out how Tayay’s team broke down their test suites into bite-sized test that could be executed in parallel. Leveraging a cluster of computing horsepower (either on on-premise physical machines or in the cloud), you can refactor large test suites to execute in a fraction of the time it takes now. With real example data and a live demonstration, Tanay outlines a three-step approach to achieve these results within different test frameworks.

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