Rapid Thinking: When Time Is Tight

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories

How many different kinds of yellow fruit can you name in one minute? Try it and the tension may feel familiar, like testing under a deadline-ideas quickly come to mind (or perhaps they don't), flashes of victory when you find a good
one, keeping your mind agile-but-organized as time counts down. Since the main constraint on most software projects is time, Jon Bach will demonstrate some heuristics to trigger your imagination that will help you rapidly generate a variety of meaningful test ideas, whether through quiet contemplation or group brainstorming. Jon will discuss a way to help you know when you've thought of
enough ideas-achieving a reasonable sense of completeness and minimizing the chance that you have overlooked some important test.

  • Learn techniques for triggering your imagination
  • Research and results from brainstorming experiments
  • Discover a heuristic framework reaching "completeness"

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