Rapid and Intelligent Test Engineering

Mathi Natarajan, Cognizant and Sreeram Gopalakrishnan, Cognizant

Today’s IT plans tend to be defined as much by constraints as by requirements. Conventionally, the testing phase starts after the design and build phase. In today’s competitive and cost-conscious business environment, companies look to adopt different test strategies to balance the four key constraints of cost, quality, speed, and risk. In the process, quick often wins, and short-term solutions end up causing more problems than they solve. As a testing framework for such scenarios, Cognizant has introduced RITE—comprised of lean and fast delivery strategy, just in-time scheduling, and QA trend analysis—which results in greater value generation. The RITE framework—with its four foundational components: kanban, pattern-based testing, speed, and business value testing—will squarely fit into today’s IT scenarios of continuous improvement.

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