Process Improvement - Can I Make a Difference?

Stephanie Penland, SAS Institute Inc

Although some organizations already have formal processes in place, many do not. Most process improvement begins with one person or one department deciding to do something rather than accepting the status quo. With the right attitude, some simple tools, and a proven method for improvement, you can make a difference for yourself, your department, and ultimately, your organization. Stephanie Penland has helped numerous small and large organizations with process improvement. Sharing her experiences-both successes and failures-Stephanie describes her real-world approach for process improvement. Find new ways to overcome obstacles and obtain buy-in from the top down. Learn what it takes to get a process improvement program off the ground. Take back with you a sample of a successful process improvement plan.

  • The benefits of process improvement and ways to measure success
  • Obtain buy-in and overcome obstacles to process improvement
  • A sample process improvement plan that really works

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