Postmodern Testing

Jason Arbon

The modern world of testing gets noisier, more fragmented, and more confusing every day. Postmodern Testing is an admission of the imperfect world we live in—a new test strategy framework for today’s agile, continuous, and multiplatform teams. Jason Arbon will outline strategies for identifying any given product’s testing needs, as well as prescribe how to efficiently combine different testing techniques and test automation tools to deliver a coherent, well-reasoned, and cost-effective method to the madness. Jason draws on his learnings from how Google tested the Chrome browser, Gmail, and Android, how Microsoft tested Bing, Windows, and SQL Server, and quality analytics from hundreds of top mobile app teams using the latest AI-based testing approaches. Jason understands all sides of the equation: the vendor, the buyer, the manual and automated testers, managers, directors, PMs, developers, and the CEO. Take back strategic control of your testing and software quality and build a Postmodern Testing strategy, leveraging all these lessons to make your software—and your team—earn five stars.

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