Performance Engineering for MASSIVE Systems

Mark Lustig, Collaborative Consulting

Dealing with a single system is challenging enough, but the game changes dramatically on a multi-system, distributed platform. MASSIVE platforms can consist of more than fifty distributed systems and components, integrated to process millions of transactions per day-from millions of users-while processing hundreds of terabytes of data. The ramifications of one component or system not scaling to support this load might cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue for a single system disruption. Mark Lustig explains how to integrate performance engineering across the entire development lifecycle. The world of MASSIVE platforms requires a disciplined approach to building, measuring, and ensuring system scalability, performance, and throughput. In this experience-based session, Mark focuses on process enhancements, organizational considerations, development lifecycle integration approaches, and a roadmap for implementing and maturing performance engineering across your development lifecycle. Whether you work on a MASSIVE system or not, you can learn valuable lessons about building systems that scale.

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