Patterns, Influence Strategies, and Stone Age Legacies

Linda Rising, Specialist

Struggling to help your team or organization become more innovative? Have great ideas but can't seem to get them off the ground? We all try to influence others, whether we want to move our department to a better development method or suggest a Friday night movie for the family. We discover new ideas to take back to our workplace but then struggle to make something happen. How can we successfully influence change? From her latest book Fearless Change:
Patterns for Introducing New Ideas
, Linda Rising will share stories of successful change agents including supporting research in social psychology-in particular, studies that focus on influence strategies. Even evolutionary biologists help shed light on why these patterns are so powerfully ingrained and hardwired in our brains that "You can take a person out of the Stone Age, but you can't take the Stone Age out of a person!" Although we can't change our DNA, we can use this information to help improve our organizations

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