Outcome Over Output: Don't Be a Backlog Lumberjack

Kalpesh Shah

As agile goes mainstream, many organizations are only focused on mastering different elements of agile frameworks. Progress is measured by vanity metrics such as velocity and burndown charts. These metrics can turn agile teams into backlog lumberjacks! Teams, ScrumMasters, and leadership must realize that while speed to launch is crucial to delivering software, speed to learning is even more important. To accomplish this mindset shift, product owners need to learn to change their focus from mastering the art of writing user stories to connecting their teams with the users of their products and the problem they are trying to solve. This involves concentrating on user personas, behavior, and needs. Taking teams to the next level of satisfying users through the continuous delivery of valuable software requires an alignment between the development team and the customer. Join Kalpesh Shah as he shows how mapping behaviors and connecting with customers can transform teams from backlog lumberjacks to collaborative partners.

About the Presenter

Kalpesh Shah is a speaker, trainer, and coach with seven years of experience in creating and working with different shapes and sizes of agile teams. He has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups, helping them make the transition to an agile way of working, implementing agile at scale, employing lean product development approaches, and instilling a lean startup mindset. His latest passion is culture hacking through continuous experimentation that promotes innovative thinking, extends openness, embodies rationality, and brings design thinking into teams.

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