Open Source Development Tools: Coping with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Danny Faught, Tejas Software Consulting

Using open source tools in a development and test environment can be a big relief for your budget. However, open source remains a foreign and often frightening concept for many developers and organizations. Today, open source options are available for all types of tools used in the development process. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of the tradeoffs between choosing open source and commercial tools. In addition, you will learn about the wide variety of open source tools available for many operating environments and how to locate the most robust ones. Danny Faught, who has actively evaluated open source tools as they have evolved over the last five years, provides an honest analysis of the benefits and difficulties you may encounter using these tools for development.

  • Open source tools to consider for you and your team
  • Details about the benefits and pitfalls of open source for development
  • A sound basis for making the decision to obtain an open source or a commercial tool

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