Nonfunctional Testing: Examine the Other Side of the Coin

Balaji Arunachalam

Creating a highly available, scalable, and high-performing system requires a substantial amount of what we call nonfunctional testing. Developing nonfunctional testing skills is a must for many of today’s quality engineers (QEs). For the past several years, Balaji Arunachalam’s quality team for Intuit Core Services has experienced several highly available and disaster recovery buildup and testing challenges. Their journey includes the evolution of functional QEs into hybrid QEs who are capable of doing both functional and nonfunctional testing. Nonfunctional testing includes capacity, stability, benchmarking, FMEA/RAS, datacenter failover, and scalability testing. Balaji shares nonfunctional testing best practices, learnings, and mistakes they encountered on this journey. If you or your team is ready flip the coin and take a serious look at nonfunctional testing methods, opportunities, challenges, and solutions, this session is for you.

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