No Silver Bullet? Silver Buckshot May Work

Gregory Pope, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

During Greg Pope’s forty years in the industry, many great processes and new tools have been promoted by incredibly gifted people. It seems that someone is always promising a cure all-the proverbial “silver bullet”-for software woes. Still, the most common request Greg gets from software developers and managers is to “look at our development process and tell us how to make it better.” Greg’s goals for this presentation are for us to understand what “better” really means, to discuss common problems and potential solutions, and to become empowered to make our personal and our group’s practices better. He examines valuable ideas that seem to reincarnate themselves periodically and explores the challenges of today’s modern software. Although there may not be a silver bullet for your software woes, perhaps there is "silver buckshot"-a collection of techniques and tools to solve common problems-which, when properly aimed by capable professionals, will make your software better.

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