The Nine "Forgettings"

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

People forget things. Simple things like keys, passwords, and the names of friends long ago. People forget more important things like passports, anniversaries, and backing up data. But Lee Copeland is concerned with things
that the testing community is forgetting--forgetting our beginnings. We forget the grandfathers of formal testing and the contributions they made. We forget organizational context, the reason we exist and where we fit in our company. We forget to grow, to learn, and to practice the latest testing techniques. And we forget process context, the reason that a process was first created but which
may no longer exist. Join Lee for an explanation of these nine "forgettings", the negative effects of each, and how we can use them to improve our testing, our organization, and ourselves.

  • Learn how we must constantly rediscover
  • Understand that each "forgetting" limits our personal and organizational ability
  • Discover the power we have to grow and to improve

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