Nature vs. Nurture: Building Great Test Teams

Shaun Bradshaw

When organizations expand internal test teams, hiring managers sort through piles of résumés hoping for a few gems. But scanning for coveted technical skills and relevant experience often leads to disappointment. With the proliferation of new software and the explosion of mobile devices, the QA industry is surging, and experienced testers are becoming harder to find. What inherent qualities do great testers really possess? Do those attributes show up on résumés? Should technical expertise or tool/application knowledge drive the hiring decision for new testers or are there more important capabilities and talents that managers should consider? Résumés often fail to describe other important factors, including the “tester’s mindset.” By zeroing in only on technical experience, we risk minimizing or ignoring the vital characteristics—curiosity, skepticism, and cooperativeness—of great testers. Join Shaun Bradshaw as he shares a proven, multi-step process used to evaluate candidates for the “tester’s mindset” and discusses the necessary technical aptitude that will create top performing testers. Learn the importance of developing and providing ongoing training and mentoring to ensure the process of building great test teams doesn’t end with the hire.

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