A Metrics Dashboard to Drive Goal Achievement

Wenje Lai, Cisco Systems Inc

Some measurement programs with high aims fall short, languish, and eventually fail completely because few people regularly use the resulting metrics. Based on Cisco Systems' five years of experience in establishing an annual quality program employing a metrics dashboard, Wenje Lai describes their successes and challenges and demonstrates the dashboard in use today. He shows how the metrics dashboard offers an easy-to-access mechanism for individuals and organizations within Cisco Systems to understand the gap between the current standing and their goals. A mechanism within the dashboard allows users to drilldown and see the data making up measurement to identify ownership of issues, root causes, and possible solutions. Learn what programs they implemented to ensure that people use the metrics dashboard to help them in their day-to-day operations.

  • How to build an effective metrics dashboard to help achieve quality goals
  • Demonstration of a mature metrics dashboard
  • Ways to achieve buy-in from management and engineers for using a dashboard

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