Managing Microservices Using Terraform, Docker, and the Cloud

Derek Ashmore

Much has been written about how to write microservices, but not enough about how to effectively deploy and manage them. Microservices architecture multiplies the number of deployables IT has to manage by at least ten. In that world, tooling to manage cloud deployments and related infrastructure has become essential for success, and Terraform and Docker are increasingly being leveraged to facilitate microservices environments. Derek Ashmore will share his hard-learned best practices for deploying and managing microservices in production. He will leverage true infrastructure as code using Terraform, the leading coding framework for building and managing change in cloud environments. That code is easily reused and makes it simple to deploy and scale software, including Docker images. You will learn not only how to establish that environment initially, but how changes can be effectively managed. Derek will also cover best practices and common mistakes along the way. This session is intended to be platform-generic, and you’ll take away techniques and practices that you can immediately use.

About the Presenter

Derek Ashmore is a senior technology expert with more than thirty years of experience in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Derek is currently focusing on microservices architectures, cloud computing, and migrating applications to the cloud. Derek's approach allows companies to increase speed to market while also increasing application availability. Derek routinely speaks at JavaOne, DevNexus, the Chicago Coders Conference, and many others. His books include The Java EE Architect's Handbook and Microservices for Java EE Architects .

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