A Look into the Future: App Testing and Quality in 2025

Jason Arbon, appdiff.com

In ten years, the applications we develop—mobile, embedded, wearable, and more—will be radically different from today’s apps. And so will be the testing and quality tools, methods, and solutions we employ. Extrapolated from his experiences at Google, Microsoft, and Applause (formerly uTest), Jason Arbon leads a thought-provoking look into the future. Our new world will be powered by nearly infinite—and almost free—computing power, storage, and networking. Standardized software stacks and centralized testing as a service will enable machine learning not possible today. The software itself will generate far smarter test plans, automatically execute tests, explore app functions, and produce quantitative measures of quality. In Jason’s future world, the end game is software-controlled test and release systems with feature-gating and feature-flighting—based on sophisticated, real-time analysis—in which real users safely become your manual testers. Join Jason and your peers to explore the future of testing in 2025, and figure out what we can to do now to prepare the way.

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