Lessons Learned Automating Cloud and Infrastructure Testing

Joseph Ours

As organizations embrace DevOps and IT value chain automation, we are seeing the explosive growth of infrastructure-as-code capabilities, fueled by cloud scripting technology. As infrastructure-as-code capabilities evolve, what role does testing play? Especially for continuous testing, when it comes to infrastructure provisioning and configuration? How does this approach integrate with other traditional forms of testing, such as unit, integration, and systems testing? Join Joseph Ours as he presents what he's learned about and provides live demonstrations for implementing automated testing of infrastructure, such as writing automation around networking, security, and OS configurations. He'll show how easy it is to configure cloud environments and implement them incorrectly, security "gotchas" when automating tests, and other challenges you’ll face when testing cloud and infrastructure. Leave with an understanding of the tools that enable test automation of infrastructure, the challenges around this testing, and ideas to overcome these challenges.

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