Lean Framework, Agile Principles, and CMMI®

Dustin Potts, Nationwide Insurance

Many large software development organizations, which have discovered that they must become more agile to compete, frequently ask Dan Rawsthorne, "What does 'big' scrum look like?" Because no two organizations are alike, this simple question does not have a simple answer. There are, however, some common patterns that emerge in organizations that have implemented "big" scrum. Dan Rawsthorne presents the Product Owner Team pattern that allows the organization to handle agility up and down its hierarchy. Dan discusses cross-cutting teams that handle issues the formal hierarchy can’t properly address-for example, architecture and usability teams. He recommends creating an Integration and Evaluation (I&E) team to provide a natural home for test specialists to perform usability testing, pre-release validation, and performance testing. Dan also describes the Buddy Up pattern as a way to work with subject experts, who often are limited by their time and interest in a project. Although implementing agility in large organizations is difficult, Dan's "big" Scrum patterns make it more straightforward-and at least feasible.

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