Keyword-Driven Test Automation Illuminated

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants

Test Automation has come a long way in the last twenty years. During that time many of today's most popular test execution automation tools have come into use, and a variety of implementation methods have been tried and tested. Many successful organizations began their automation effort with a data-driven approach and enhanced their efforts into what is now called keyword-driven test automation. Many versions of the keyword-driven test execution concept have been implemented. Some are difficult to distinguish from their data-driven predecessors. So what is keyword-driven test automation? Mark Fewster provides an objective analysis of keyword-driven test automation by examining the various implementations, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the benefits and pitfalls of this automation concept. Find out if keyword-driven test automation is what you are looking for or if it is an empty promise for your test organization.

  • Differences between data-driven and keyword-driven test automation
  • Benefits and drawbacks of keyword-driven testing
  • Alternative keyword-driven automation implementations

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