Keep Engagement High in Difficult Projects

Larissa Rosochansky

Aggressive timelines, scope creep, changing requirements, development delays, and the imperative to finish on the imposed timeline … how can you keep your team motivated and engaged when everything seems to go wrong? Larissa Rosochansky describes the major factors of team dissatisfaction, shares techniques to uncover hidden issues, identifies the most common traps project managers fall into, and offers general tips to avoid them. Now that you understand what could be impacting your team’s performance, Larissa guides you on how to minimize the dissatisfaction and keep the team productivity and efficiency high so everyone—team and project manager together—can successfully achieve the impossible. She describes when it is time to raise the red flag and just say, “No, this can't be done!” After this session, you can identify the pain points of your project team, use what you have learned to reduce team dissatisfaction, and achieve the common goals of the project—keeping both customer and team satisfied.

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