iOS Test Automation: The Trifecta

Elizabeth Taylor, Digimarc

In this agile world, as the expectations for rapid mobile application development and delivery get shorter every day, the users’ patience with a buggy app has become almost nonexistent. Elizabeth Taylor shares how to reduce iOS application testing time and gain confidence in your code: use Xcode Instruments with JavaScript to automate your functional tests; verify potentially missed UI elements with manual testing including copy, labels, and images; and learn how to stress test your app. Scripting test functions so they can be run on iPad and iPhone devices also will be discussed as will using Accessibility Labels for Automation to “see” custom controls. With Elizabeth’s Trifecta approach, you will structure your test suites and libraries so they are easy to run, debug, and understand test results. Code snippets, useful JavaScript functions, and a live demo illustrate the Trifecta process in action.

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