An Integrated Configuration Management System Revealed

Geree Streun, ANS

Many people talk about an end-to-end software development process in which requirements are developed and transitioned seamlessly into code with tests tracing back to the requirements. Geree Streun has learned that an integrated configuration management system should be at the center of that process. She explains the criteria for evaluating and selecting a configuration management tool to support your development process and why configuration management should be implemented in an integrated way. Find out what an integrated configuration management tool can do for you, how much control to impose, and how much administration you can afford. Watch a demonstration of the integrated configuration management system Geree's company uses to record defects against any software artifact and to ensure that tests track to the current version of the requirements.

  • The costs, benefits, and drawbacks of using an integrated configuration management system
  • Steps and criteria for selecting a configuration management system
  • Establishing low level version control on all software artifacts

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